Gluing parts with a 3D drawing pen

My daughter and I wanted to create a 3D printed watermill. One of the biggest design issues was how were we going to “Glue” the pieces together.   We wanted to avoid using screws and/or glue if possible and see how much we could actually “Print”.   Some of the pieces we could have been combined to print in place however some of the other ones (like the beam that went from the water wheel to the motor) were simply too big to print in one piece.   After some thought we decided to order the Kuman 3D drawing pen and use that to “Glue” the parts together. I was very pleasantly surprised with how well this idea actually worked.   We did some initial tests as shown in this first video and the pieces stuck together quite well. Next we glued the pieces together.   This video shows how we glued the ballbearing to the ballbearing mount: The key to using a 3D pen to “Glue” your pieces together is:  You need to be real quick because the filament cools in a matter of a second o

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